Time to settle this BS once and for all


Falling budgets, failing ambitions, and a faltering show

It is indeed slipping from your grasp

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Someone saw his own ghost (Daily Mail/EPA)

The murder of George Floyd, police violence, and the unpaid moral debts of the Irish in America

Apu Gomes/AFP via Getty Images

And what a glorious death it shall be.

They say that Chess Grandmasters lose 15 pounds from stress over the course of a tournament. This movie’s good for at least three. (A24)

And it’s killing me inside

Night Sight on the Pixel 3 is siiiiick

We’ve apparently decided that facing the unthinkable is more trouble than it’s worth

A contemporaneous photo.

Okay, which one of you people annoys me the least?

…and Bob Mueller ain’t afraid to say so.

In fairness, the proper term for a man of his stature and achievements is “courtesan” (Alex Wong/Getty)

Jack Walsh

Unverified. Uncredentialed. Unpublished. Uncompromising.

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