Bill Barr Does Not Have the Figure for Clear Heels

…and Bob Mueller ain’t afraid to say so.

In fairness, the proper term for a man of his stature and achievements is “courtesan” (Alex Wong/Getty)
This is a man who has never had any use for prostitution whatsoever, save to silence the screams of his fallen brothers in the arms of some nameless Vietnamese girl. (Carol Kaster/AP Photo)
It’s been awhile since he’s said this much crazy shit in a single setting. I was still catching onto insane quotes hours after the fact, because “the courts wouldn’t allow [me to be impeached]” overwhelmed the deeper cuts, like “[Mueller’s team] are some of the worst people on Earth” and “Article II gives me powers like you wouldn’t believe.” Screaming that over a helicopter engine really doesn’t help his case, either. (Win McNamee/Getty)

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