Micks Did This

The murder of George Lloyd, police violence, and the unpaid moral debts of the Irish in America

Apu Gomes/AFP via Getty Images
“Unlike these illegals today, we came over the right way.”
It’s a tradition as old as it is corrupt. (Miramax)
Most of the actors are cool, but the the salt-of-the-earth Irish they represent here are the most belligerent pieces of shit on Earth. Fuck Boston. (Miramax)
Though we’ve advanced our social position, we weren’t forced to abandon our culture, which is why this man’s confirmation hearing was nothing but crying and vigorous defenses of beer (Michael Reynolds/Getty Images)
I once met the closest thing the Baltimore Police Department has to this man’s real-world analog. The dude was smart, charming, and an incredibly racist prick. (HBO)

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