“The Expanse” Contracts

Falling budgets, failing ambitions, and a faltering show

It is indeed slipping from your grasp
“I hereby order you to spend the proceeds from a million Metric tons of misleadingly-marketed Chinese crap that falls apart almost instantly, for my mere amusement.”
Like, if it was a Game of Thrones situation where they were super-anal about the effects being photorealistic for the first few seasons and couldn’t bear to compromise that level of quality for the budget’s sake, it would be one thing, but they were never exactly trying to compete with Weta Digital here.
The combat is so motion-intensive that it’s basically impossible to screen-cap it. I could watch this shit all day, but last season, I got to watch it for like 15 seconds
If nothing else, Jared Harris and David Strathairn are living proof of the Obi-wan Kenobi Principle: if you need to sell dialog that’s rigoddamndiculous on the page, you better get world-class actors to deliver it.
If you’re going to stick her in a closet on the moon all season, you couldn’t get her in the jumpsuit even once?
Every actor on TV inevitably looks better season-by-season (they sorta demand it) but Wes Chatham is laying it on a little thick… Seriously, if you’ve never seen ‘In the Valley of Elah’ you need to check it out.
As much as Erich’s casting as a white crime lord annoyed me (I get that there are only so many actors born with a missing hand), this actress was even more obtrusive. Don’t try to cast Black Canadians as Westside residents: we can spot their uncrushed spirits and the light in their eyes from a kilometer away.
Granted, I should’ve known something was up when they killed a member of the main cast, but since he had already been murdered by his own penis offscreen, I sort of assumed they wouldn’t turn dealing with a PR headache into a climactic development.

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