Uncut Gems Is Going to Kill Someone.

And what a glorious death it shall be.

They say that Chess Grandmasters lose 15 pounds from stress over the course of a tournament. This movie’s good for at least three. (A24)
Kevin Garnett gives a legitimately great performance in this movie, layered with the metaperformance of his real-world NBA Finals run and the superstitions behind it. Anyone can hang out with Bill Hader and be a buddy character: obsession is not an easy thing for even an experienced actor to really sell. (A24)
I heard some props people on set recently talking about the props department from this movie with evident jealousy in their voices, mixed with grudging respect for the accomplishment. Apparently, this Furby totally made them in the New York props world. (A24)
On the topic of bitchy on-set observations: whenever I see an actress in person for the first time, deprived of the camera’s added ten pounds, I’m inevitably disappointed to discover that she’s a fragile, skeletal waif — I recently saw a certain A-lister wearing jeans, and the sight of her concave ass made me legitimately depressed. However, when I saw their sex scene, I was convinced that I had to be seeing a funhouse-mirror distortion of Julia Fox’s butt from sitting too close to the screen and looking up at an angle. But no, I was witnessing a true victory for big-ass representation in media, which is a victory for us all.
Seriously, may God have mercy on all Academy members’ souls for leaving these people hanging, though either way, KG still has those rings…

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