Winter Came, I Guess

Where will “Game of Thrones” go after the (Not Particularly) Long Night?

…hopefully to kill each other. ©HBO
On the other hand, they did put out this one flashback shot from the original pilot, and I gotta say the dude who plays Brandon Stark here looks exactly like Sean Bean ©HBO
But what a movie it is. The first season contains maybe 10 Dothraki on horseback, the tournament of the hand looked like a county renaissance faire, and Tyrion had to get knocked out so they didn’t have to film a major battle scene. Even the Blackwater looks ultra-janky by comparison to this. Kudos. ©HBO
I know it was very satisfying for most viewers, but it was sorta weird that after an eight-year spiral into remorseless, vengeful psychopathy, her arc was reframed as the rise of a true hero. Maisie is the best actress on the show, and I get that the internet says Arya is our spirit animal who is everything, but she cooked human beings and fed them to people, dude. ©HBO
Okay, now a little flossing: this is from a gig I worked with Emilia the other week, dressed as Jon in Times Square. It was hella unprofessional to take this, but as you can see, she took it in stride. I’m usually blah about seeing actresses in person, but she is an insanely charming human being, in all ways. ©OMAZE

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